Cloud Services

CAYS empower your organization with next-generation cloud managed services to get a new set of skills, capabilities, processes, and services to design, migrate, run, manage and optimize your infrastructure and applications in the cloud.

Traditional MSPs were only focused on managing hardware and delivering on-premises solutions. However as the technology is changing rapidly, customers are increasingly demanding best-of-breed cloud strategies and next-gen cloud managed services offerings that reduce costs, improve business agility and increase security to focus on their goals of delivering an unparalleled customer experience that drives growth

What We Do?

Cloud Strategy

CAYS can help develop your strategic and tactical plan for using cloud computing services based on the best practices that we’ve developed across hundreds of successful client engagements.

Depending on your needs, we will guide your strategy and roadmap development to facilitate decisions such as:

How your organization can best take advantage of cloud

What architecture should you use for cloud

Which applications are a best fit for cloud

Which cloud technologies are right for your application and infrastructure requirements

How to determine a budget for cloud infrastructure

Whether it would be beneficial to begin with a proof of concept

How to phase your adoption of the cloud

How to do cloud cost and capacity planning

Cloud Migration

Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud is more than mapping over identical services. We don’t believe in “lift and shift” migrations as they don’t leverage all the benefits of Cloud.

We audit and evaluate your current infrastructure and make migration recommendations based on your target parameters. Then we design the most agile, scalable, and secure cloud infrastructure, select the best cloud services and technologies for your project, and plan all implementation procedures. We automate and deploy your infrastructure to Cloud.

Our migration experts will help your business achieve all the benefits of cloud, including infinite scalability, high availability, and automation with virtually no downtime during the transition.

Cloud DevOps

Utilizing a DevOps approach is a fundamental CAYS operating principle and is the foundation of all client engagements.

DevOps is a core competency at ITQube and we extend DevOps principles to our clients From server provisioning and configuration management, to application deployment and continuous integration, CAYS will help automate your entire cloud infrastructure.

We will architect your infrastructure following best practices we’ve developed from hundreds of successful client deployments.

We will guide you on how to implement cloud automation that benefits your organization by liberating your IT and operations teams from repetitive, time-intensive tasks, and empowering them to focus on business-critical objectives.