Managed Services

Focus on your business instead of cloud operations when you enlist CAYS Managed Services. With our robust tool set and experienced engineers, the CAYS Managed Services team can help you reduce your costs and improve the efficiency of your cloud infrastructure. Our trusted team provides 24/7 monitoring, and services related to all Cloud products. Select from a variety of service tiers to meet your specific managed services needs and budget.

Traditional MSPs were only focused on managing hardware and delivering on-premises solutions. However, as the technology is changing rapidly, customers are increasingly demanding best-of-breed cloud strategies and next-gen cloud managed services offerings that reduce costs, improve business agility, and increase security to focus on their goals of delivering an unparalleled customer experience that drives growth

What We Do?

Monitoring 24/7 365 days

CAYS will set up 24/7 monitors and alerts for your cloud infrastructure, applications, and dependent services to help you ensure everything is available, healthy, secure, and efficient.

CAYS Managed Services offers 24/7 monitoring, full platform management, and a wide range of services related to optimizing cloud products. Our support team is also available 24/7.

Whether your ticket or incident is considered “Low Priority” or “Urgent” our team is dedicated to providing a timely and helpful response.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure as a code is one of the key benefits and features of the next generation of cloud managed services.

We empower you to automate and manage all the configurations of the workloads.

Our cloud MSP offerings formulate the right strategy for your cloud backups & storage services to safeguard applications, databases & workloads.

Cost Optimization

Forecast your cloud spending – before it even occurs.

Plan, optimize and allocate costs accurately to the right business units and groups.

Our team will provide a list of recommendations for optimizing your cloud costs including rightsizing, storage usage, billing monitoring and more.